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Woodbury Senior Center wanted to start a fun intergenerational project - and ukuleles are just plain  fun!  You're invited- whether you know music or not, whether you have experience or not - just bring a willingness to have fun and a good sense of humor.  Our youngest registered player is 7; our oldest is 80+.  Come join us!

What Inspires Us


Music should be fun.  So should community life.  We're doing both.  

WUB's loaner ukuleles were purchased through a  mini-grant from the Woodbury Bethlehem Community Music Foundation.  Borrow one today at the Woodbury Public Library using your library card.

How it Works


Bring a ukulele to a meet up!  At each session we'll have 30 minutes or so of tuning and basic instruction, followed by a learning and playing jam session.   You don't need to read music to play the ukulele; interested people of all ages and all experience levels are welcome.  We also welcome you if you play a complementary instrument (guitar, bass, mandolin, accordian, etc.) and you can follow the chord charts.  


No upcoming events.

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Woodbury Ukulele Band c/o Woodbury Senior Center

Woodbury Senior Community Center, 281 Main Street South,Woodbury,

(203) 263-2828

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